Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Miss Clare Remembers

Finished Miss Clare Remembers, the fourth book in the Fairacre series by Miss Read. Dolly Clare has spent most of her life at Fairacre school. First as a student, then later as a teacher. She is now retired, living alone in her parents' old cottage, with it's roof that was thatched by her own father, the local thatcher. As she awaits the arrival of her friend Emily who is coming to stay for a visit, she reminiscences about their childhoods, girlhoods, and professional lives as teachers. They've witnessed their own world change with the sinking of the Titanic and two world wars. Like Dolly herself, this book is quiet and gentle with a very happy ending for the two lifelong friends.

Enya recorded a piece of music entitled Miss Clare Remembers on her 1988 Watermark album. You can listen to it here.