Friday, March 28, 2008

Two Little Knights of Kentucky

Finished Two Little Knights of Kentucky by Annie Fellows Johnston. This is one of thirteen novels in The Little Colonel series. Originally published in 1899, the edition I have is a reissue by Applewood Books (who also did the vintage reissues of the original Nancy Drew books). It feature numerous illustrations and fun little inside cover flaps that have a paper doll and outfit one can cut out.

The Little Colonel series was extremely popular at the beginning of the twentieth century, but has fallen into obscurity. Set in the south, after the Civil War, the stories are very gentle, old fashioned and moralistic, but the portrayals of children and the scrapes they get into are very realistic. The stories are warm and sweet. This one in particular features children acting with concern for those less fortunate than themselves and taking integrity and honor very seriously.

My daughter very much enjoyed The Little Colonel when we read it aloud a number of years ago. Two Little Knights of Kentucky is the only other book in the series that I've seen in print. All of them are available for reading online. I hope to read them all some day.

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