Thursday, October 2, 2008

Under the Tuscan Sun at Home in Italy

Finished Under the Tuscan Sun at Home in Italy by Frances Mayes. This is a lovely, lyric account of Mayes, and her significant other Ed, purchasing and refurbishing a villa in Tuscany. The prose gives away the fact that Mayes is a poet. Their adventures with contractors, plumbers, plasterers and iron mongers are fascinating and humorous. There is a lot of talk of food in the book including recipes for Tuscan dishes. I've already tried the Cherries Steeped in Red Wine with Marscarpone and am looking forward to making Guinea Hens Roasted with Fennel, substituting a small fryer.

I have seen and enjoyed the film that was based on this book. Hollywood turned a memoir into a fun chick flick, but the book, its language, descriptions and meditations on everything from bees to the saints, is far more rich and satisfying. This is a terrific end of summer book to be read in the hammock with a glass of Prosecco on a small table nearby.

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