Friday, January 9, 2009

Village Diary

Finished Village Diary by Miss Read. It is the second book in the Fairacre series (see Village School, December 2007). Miss Read continues on as Headmistress of Fairacre School. The infants teacher Mrs. Annett leaves to start a family. Miss Clare comes out of retirment to fill in for a bit, but then a new teacher, just out of teacher's college arrives to assume the post. Miss Jackson is very progressive and somewhat puzzled by the ways of this country school and it's students. She must board at the school house with Miss Read, which is less than advisable given their complete opposite natures and teaching philosophies. It's not until Dr. Martin brings Miss Clare's quiet poverty to light that a solution is found and Miss Jackson cheerfully goes to board at Miss Clare's. Once again, a cozy, funny, lovely read.

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