Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Nutmeg Tree

Finished The Nutmeg Tree by Margery Sharp. This is her seventh book, published in 1937. Julia Packett travels to France to see her grown daughter who wishes to be married. Julia left her daughter in the care of her inlaws after her husband died in World War I and she was unable to settle down and live a quiet life. For years Julia has lived by her wits and her charm, shacking up with whichever gentlemen was convenient.

For her trip to France she hocks what belongings she has to buy a few suitable outfits and a copy of The Forsyte Saga with which to impress her mother-in-law. She does her best to act like a lady, but gets into all sorts of scrapes nonetheless. She is especially careful of her behavior around her daughter's guardian, Sir William, but he much prefers her to just be herself.

I especially like Julia's choice of reading The Forsyte Saga. As we know, Irene Forsyte was unable to live under the strict eye of the Forsyte clan. Heh.

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